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~ Is your career, business or event stuck in neutral? ~


Founder of Women Helping Women, Sandra Lord.

Sandra Lord


~ Creative Business & Career Strategies is a boutique consulting and strategic planning entity based in Los Angeles. We are effective nationwide. ~

We are a network of dynamic, talented and experienced professionals who specialize in helping clients reach their goals in business, career, projects and events. We serve the entertainment industry, corporate and small business sectors.

With an average of 25 years experience in business and entertainment, our mission is to continuously create and deliver innovative solutions to satisfy the needs of each client.

We inspire clients to actualize their vision, propel themselves to the next level and maintain a competitive edge.  

Our diverse backgrounds allow us to offer a wide range of consulting and creative services. We can be retained to:

  create an action plan for developing business and personal strategy to effectively compete in today's market
  strategize and help you implement your business aspirations, career pursuits, projects or productions
  help you plan and produce your special event
  help you refocus and take charge of your career or business direction
  identify, develop and expose your brand
  develop and exploit your competitive advantage
  help make yourself, project or business more valuable to clients, employers, agents, managers, producers and others with whom you want to connect
  develop a powerful 15 second introduction - networking, phone, or sales pitch
  help you discover your professional voice - connect with your audience with a compelling message for presentations, public speaking, interviews, pitching and all other situations where you have to "come out of your comfort zone"
  provide direction in meeting the right people - getting your foot in the door
  help you effectively network and expand your circle of connections
  improve time management and set priorities
  improve your marketing and promotional materials
  provide direction in honing your skills and presenting the best product

We become members of your team for the duration
of a predefined project or goal, available for meetings in person and on the phone. We also offer private, one-on-one consultations for individuals, as well as group sessions in the form of workshops.


Our fees are hourly, by retainer or project based. We also have "flat-rate" plans of action

          If you’ve been doing the same thing, with your career OR business over the  last few years, with  little  or  no  results,  or  if  you  are stuck  in  your  professional  pursuits, frustrated or spinning  your wheels, it is time for a change.


          Utilize our services to make the breakthrough of personal growth that will lead to professional success.

Creative Business &  Career Strategies was founded by Sandra Lord, a multi-talented, multi-faceted strategist who delights in “innovative concepts” and clearly “thinks outside the box.” She is a key figure in facilitating access and connections in Hollywood and is known for her ingenious strategies, as well as ground-breaking networking ideas, events and opportunities.  She has served as a consultant, coach and strategist to a wide range of professionals in and out of the entertainment industry.  ~...Read Bio



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