Service Divisions
Business Events Entertainment Motivational Speaking

Our fees are hourly, by retainer or project based. We also have "flat-rate" plans of action



~ Our BUSINESS division serves corporate, small business and entrepreneurs ~


We are dedicated to the creation of strategic solutions to differentiate your product or service; expose your brand and image to your target market; increase employee productivity; and elevate your business to the next level.

We take the time to understand the issues you face and review your company's mission, purpose, goals and values. We then collaboratively create a strategy for differentiation that reflects your company's short and long-term goals. 

We are focused on finding compelling insights that you can

  • make actionable

  • enhance a customer's desire to do business with you

  • efficiently launch your product for maximum impact

  • reposition you and increase your impact in your market

  • amplify your opportunities and eliminate weak links

  • build and sustain long-term growth

Additionally, we can implement any recommendations we make, including advertising, collateral promotional and marketing materials, website, PR, identity and design.

We become members of your team for the duration of a predefined project or goal, available for meetings in person and on the phone.




~ Our EVENT division does more than just plan your event ~


We will manage and or produce your special events. With your event in our trusted hands, we make your life easier, saving you time and energy.


From concept to production, we are with you every step of the way, attending to all the logistical details of your:
  • Award Dinners or Luncheons

  • Private Parties

  • Product Launches

  • Company or Group Retreats

  • Festivals

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

Additionally, we are available to enlist the participation or support of sports and entertainment celebrities to add that special glamour to your event. Our goal is to ensure a most rewarding experience for your attendees and to earn your repeat business.




- Our ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY division serves executives and creative talent -


Our strategies get results!


We provide calculated, specialized career strategizing, coaching, and project consulting services. In our own inimitable style, we strategize “outside the box,” and create invaluable tools to help clients take control and stand out from the competition. We provide the impetus for clients to successfully move forward and propel their careers or projects to the next level.


This is not just business! We are known for our extraordinary commitment to inspiring others to accomplish their goals, and, with an infectious bolstering of confidence to clients, offer a support system unlike any other.


After a full review of your career or project pursuits, your accomplishments to date, as well as your goals and aspirations, we will create or support you in creating a plan that identifies a course of action that inspires you and calls you to accountability.


We serve professionals and aspirants in various aspects of the entertainment industry and through our affiliates, also offer special script services to writers.
  • Executives

  • Writers

  • Producers

  • Directors

  • Talent Managers

  • Singers

  • Bands

  • Standup Comedians

  • One-Man
    /One-Woman Acts

Our fees are hourly, by retainer or project based. We also have "flat-rate" plans of action and workshops, all of which hold clients accountable for implementing the particulars of their plan.


You cannot subscribe to any of our "flat rate monthly plans" or workshops if you are not committed to your pursuits.



~ Our MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING division inspires ~


Ms. Lord's mission is "To inspire, educate, enlighten and encourage human potential."


She speaks regularly on "Networking & Strategizing" (as featured at The Learning Annex, etc.) as well as brandingbuilding self-confidenceself-esteem   ● empowerment and diversity