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Creative Business and Career Strategies, is without equal, bar none. I tried out other career guidance counselors, but since I have been consulting with Sandra and Judith, my career is flourishing. Goals I had been striving to achieve alone, have been accomplished sooner and even better than I imagined. We crafted a unique query letter, and within 24 hours, I had received numerous requests for my script from top agencies. Three short weeks later, I secured my ideal agent. My scripts are now with accomplished producers and talent. I have learned the importance of setting deadlines and meeting them. I have sharpened an essential ability, which is to network effectively in order to build relationships. There isn't any magic bullet. Realizing one's goals in this industry requires unyielding work and commitment. Sandra and Judith have channeled my efforts brilliantly while providing an amazing support system. I am aiming for the sky and I now have effective strategies for reaching it.

- Deb L., screenwriter

In less than FOUR WEEKS, I went from daydreaming about my project, to going through my Action Plan and now having a meeting with the Government of another country that will push my project into being fulfilled. What I have achieved in the last four weeks is more than I accomplished in the last two years working on my own. Thank you Sondra and Judith for your guidance and leadership and helping me grow as an individual.

- E. Phillipps, Founder, Joiht Project

It was so great working with Sandra and Judith! They helped me organize so many projects that I had been working on and not completing. By assessing all of these different projects that were only partially complete, I was then able to set up my priorities and move forward much more quickly and smoothly on my over all plan. Well-worth it!

- Melody Jackson, Ph.D., Smart Girls Productions

Creative Career and Business Strategies/CCS with Sandra Lord and Judith Smith has been a 100% game-changer for me. I had been working for years in the entertainment industry as both a writer and producer, but real success always seemed just out of reach. Even worse -I had hit a professional plateau. CCS helped me reassess my successes, re-envision my priorities, and repackage myself, while helping me create a comprehensive, effective, and realistic plan to achieve the goals I truly desired. Already my career has reached a whole new level with clear guideposts leading me to my full professional and artistic potential. I have improved my networking skills tremendously. I was recently hired to write a feature, I have had high-level studio meetings and several requests for my scripts. With CCS, I feel like nothing can stand between me and my dreams.

- Anthony S., Writer, Director, Producer

Working with Sandra Lord is always a delight. Her energy and attitude are so positive that it permeates any crowd. The Hollywood Networking Breakfast kicked off our Scriptwriters Showcase and set the tone for the entire weekend. Sandra's presentation on "Networking & Strategizing Your Way to Success in Hollywood" put people at ease, encouraged introductions, provided educational information and was inspirational. Our attendees benefited greatly from the HNB event.

~ Meredith Cornelius
Director, Corporate Marketing
Final Draft, Inc.

Sandra Lord’s Hollywood Networking Breakfast was a great asset to our Scriptwriters Showcase event. She provided one-on-one access with industry professionals in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. I highly recommend these events for any screenwriter looking for real face time with Hollywood decision makers.

~ Shelly Mellott
Editor, Script magazine

"There are so many options for both paid and free career advice in Hollywood, it’s sometimes hard for people to sort out who’s the best. You’re tops on my list! We’ve been to your Hollywood Networking Breakfast and we trust the information you give us."

~ Mary Ann Biewener, Actress

"In such a competitive industry, anything that can give you an edge is critical. Sandra Lord is that edge.

I accomplished more in the first six months with Creative Career Strategies, under the guidance of Sandra Lord (and Judith Smith) than I had accomplished in the preceding four years. They are master strategists.

Since coming under Sandra and Judith’s guidance, I have been busy. I became a member of the WGA. My Grey’s Anatomy spec script won the Best Television Screenplay at the recent Austin Film Festival. I have also created and written two one hour TV pilots which are currently in the hands of people whom I could only dream of meeting a year ago. I have expanded my circle of connections to include doing lunch, having drinks, meetings and direct dial/email contact with top producers, showrunners and executives. Additionally, due to my pilots, I’m now in my second round of talks with the two top agencies and others regarding representation. I am also collaborating on a screenplay, for which we have already generated funding interest to produce as a feature. The list goes on… I am focused. I have a plan. And my confidence is at an all-time high. Creative Career Strategies has been instrumental in propelling my career to the next level, placing me finally on the radar of Hollywood power players. Highly, highly recommended! This is the most excited I’ve been about my career pursuits in years!"

~ SR, Attorney/Writer

"Thank you for the FANTASTIC guidance you shared with me. Your service is a much needed tool."

~ PMM, Award-winning Producer, Writer

"Your ideas are excellent. Your strategies are superb. Thanks for your integrity, passion and unique vision."

~ NN, Chairman, nonprofit organization, Los Angeles

"Sandra’s strategies got me so busy, I had to quit my 9 to 5 job. My credits now include lead, guest starring, co-starring and supporting roles in television, film, stage and commercials, and I now have a “day rate” as a professional actress."

~ CS, Actress, Los Angeles

"I had trouble with priorities -- deciding what to do first -- and how to contact people. Among other things, Sandra assisted me with guiding my focus, expanding my network of connections, and getting top names to be featured interviews in my upcoming entertainment industry book."

~ SST, Award-winning published author & screenwriter, Los Angeles

"If you can help rock ‘n rollers, you can help anyone! I take my hat off to you."

~ CMS, Rock Performer, Los Angeles

"I moved from another state to Los Angeles to pursue my career as an actor. I wasn’t in the unions, had virtually no credits, but lots of talent. Sandra, Judith and I strategized to attract the attention of agents. Within a short space of time, we ended up having to decide between two agencies. You guys are phenomenal!"

~ RPT, Los Angeles

"Sandra Lord’s extensive industry experience, passion and work ethic make it easy for me to consult with her about my clients and business."

~ LPB, Talent Manager

"I learned a lot about strategy, client relations and State law from my consultations with Sandra and my clients have benefited greatly as a result."

~ CW, Talent Manager

"When I walked into the offices at CCS, I had many significant credits under my belt. I only wanted a different perspective that would help my focus and direction. I got that and more. The amazing thing about that first session with Sandra and Judith is that it showed my cocky self what I didn’t know I didn’t know."

~ BB, Performer

"Thank you Sandra Lord for your amazing contributions to my career. You are the epitome of making things happen, a fireball that just keeps re-emerging. Today I'm a very busy actor/producer/director. When I first met you I was only an actor. And, it was at the Hollywood Networking Breakfast (HNB) that I made contact with my first producing partner. I had been thinking about producing, but never had the nerve. I also reconnected with old contacts, new contacts and other partners as well. Now I have my own production company. Being a part of Creative Career Strategies helped guide me in moving forward with my career. Thank you again Sandra for being the wonder you are."

~ FR, actress, producer, director, Los Angeles

"I was completely overwhelmed and Sandra gave me the tools and training to use them so that I could get organized, get focussed, and get real for my career. Thank you, Sandra!!"

~ DL, Actor, Director, Los Angeles

"What a pleasure it has been for me to work with you as my career coach. I had never considered having a coach before, but when I found out you were taking on new clients, I jumped at the opportunity to work with you. Your energy, knowledge of Hollywood and background of success motivated me to take this step. It was an important one for me to take, and I’m so glad that I did.

As this year began, I had come to a place in my career where knew I was ready to have a new paradigm for myself in Hollywood—everything from how I conduct myself, to how I do business, to what I should be focusing on. I also knew that I needed fresh ideas to be able to best implement effective changes.

The time that you and I spent, together and separately, to craft a viable plan for my career has definitely energized me. I especially appreciate the obvious level of effort you invested creating your signature document, the Action Plan. It is thorough and thoughtful and could only have come from someone who truly wants her clients to succeed. It gives me concrete steps to take so that I can make the progress I intend to make this year. I look forward to hitting my deadlines and reporting back to you with the results of my work.

With your invaluable help, I can now see a clear pathway to achievement. Thank you for being a Life Changer!"

~ SP, Writer, Director, Producer, Los Angeles

"I guess I went to Sandra for help on clarifying where I was and where it was going. It wasn't that I didn't know where I wanted to end up, but rather I didn't know if where I was going would lead me to where I wanted to end up.

So, first and foremost, Sandra and Judith really helped me to determine my current status and relationship to all my tools and resources. Additionally, they helped me to clarify what it even was - that essence - that I was seeking to capture and market in my business. Their deep desire to discover my truth, the values important to me, proved invaluable. Sandra and Judith really took time to sit with me and assist me to clarify for myself what I needed to create momentum, what would feed my spirit and my business, and what was and wasn't working for me right now. How cool is that!

With the assistance and suggestions of Sandra and Judith, I was able to determine certain specific focuses and efforts that would propel me in my journey towards my vision, once that was clarified. We pinpointed the very next steps I would take and created a timeline that allowed for small and incremental simultaneous execution. Through revamping the way I engage with my current resources, I can look forward to greater efficiency in my daily process and heighten my focus on the continued expansion of my contact base and developing and marketing my work. I left Sandra's office excited, super-excited, and with a plan. I did not leave with just any plan, but a plan that allowed me a reasonable and distinct breakdown of my very next actions and projects. I left with a plan which allowed me to not only measure my progress, but understand how each day I move forward, how each day I step up and work for what I love, what I dream about. Thank you Sandra and Judith for assisting is this clarification and breakdown of focus; thank you for the encouragement, inspiration, and good advice. You guys rock!"

~ JK, Actress



"Sandra, you are amazing!! Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation last night. Among everything else you ARE a POWERFUL GIVER. Everyone was quite taken with you and I wasn't surprised. Again, thank you.”

~ POWERRR, Los Angeles

"Hi Judith, I wanted to thank both you and Sandra for the presentation and information [at the recent free Creative Career Strategies seminar]. I bounced your email invitation off of a friend before I decided to attend, and she said, 'Dave you probably will be teased, with little or incomplete information, and then pitched on some product or service.' Truthfully, I was impressed, and grateful that I attended. Sandra spoke from the heart, with practical experience, and dropped many gems along the way. I couldn't see you when you were talking, but as I listened, I could hear, and feel a zestful enterprising personality. So I just want to say thank you both for your efforts and your service."

~ DSG, Multimedia Commercial Artist, North Hollywood

"Thank you for The free seminar yesterday. I got a lot out of it. It was very insightful and inspiring. Your fire and passion for what you illuminated the room. I am honored and feel privileged to have been part of it."

~ LN, Actress-Comedian-Writer-Producer

"I just wanted to thank you Sandra and Judith for a positive push in the best direction in the lives of people who want to make a difference in their lives but struggle to see pass the jungles of life. You both are Entertainment Industry Life Coaches. Thanks for reminding me that there is hope, if you plan, strategize, research, work and believe."

~ MT, Screenwriter

"Ms. Lord, and Judith: THANK YOU both, for the Saturday seminar!! It really "hit me," when you said we must do "SOMETHING" for our career, every day...it's so true. That night, I sat down, and wrote the FIRST SCENE for a script treatment that's been "rolling around" in my head, and just begging to get out!!! It's a START!! May God bless you both, and the "work of your hands."

~ GAJ, Actor/Writer, Los Angeles


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