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(from Ms. Lord's "Networking & Strategizing Your Way to Success in Hollywood"seminars, as presented at USC, CSUN, Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Great American Pitchfest, Final Draft Screenwriters Showcase, The Greater Los Angeles Alumni Club for University of Miami, Film Industry Network, Independent Feature Film Producers, Actors Edge, Powerrr, Learning Annex, and others — read bio below)


One-Time FREE Audit:

No holds barred -- everything you need to know to take on 2015
(see info & partial list of testimonials below)


Date: 1st Thursday of Every Month in 2015

Location: Disclosed Upon Acceptance into the Program

Time: 7:30 PM - 10:30PM
Parking: Side Street

If you’ve been doing the same thing, with your career, OR business over the last few years,
with little or no results
, or if you are stuck in your professional pursuits, frustrated or
spinning your wheels
, it’s time for a change!!


You have gone as far as you can and you find yourself hitting a brick wall

You are looking to transition into a new area, start, advance, reinvent or resurrect your career, project or ideas

You need guidance and a fresh perspective -- you have no idea what the next step is or how to take the next step

You already have representation, but are still not getting the opportunities you desire

● You need help with focusing, prioritizing, time management and procrastination

● You lack connections or don’t know how to effectively use the ones you have

You need motivation to create, write, produce or direct that project you've always wanted to

You have self-defeating behavior that's holding you back

You need to identify a course of action to help you take charge of your career, project or business direction to successfully move forward to the next level


Take charge of your career by taking advantage of this seminar which has been described by some as “life-changing.”

Create a new game plan now and make 2015 your banner year!!

Creative and business professionals in and out of the entertainment industry -- people at all levels in front of or behind the camera, including talent managers, filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, actors (who are not JUST interested in auditioning, but who ALSO wish to become content producers (NO exceptions); standup comedians, singers, performers, crew/physical production -- in fact, anyone looking to looking to transition into a new area, start, advance, reinvent or resurrect their careers, business, projects ideas, events, one man/one woman shows, event producers, business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals


This is a guest list only event – you must RSVP via email to:
Please include the exact spelling of the FIRST and LAST names of those in your party, including yourself,
the number of people in your party and your contact phone number

PARTIAL LIST OF TESTIMONIALS: (from Clients, Seminar Attendees & Workshop Participants)

Fawaz Al-Matrouk, Writer-Director:

"This year's not even over yet, and I've accomplished all the ambitious goals I set for myself (in 2014). I was feeling like I had lost momentum, my big dreams weren't coming true. But with Sandra's guidance, I learned how to set better goals, understand my brand, and grow my network. Now I've signed with an exciting new manager, reconnected with an A-list directing mentor, and written a promising feature to direct. PLUS I'm directing commercials full time, without feeling overwhelmed! Thanks to Sandra, everything is in place for a successful year ahead."

Debbie Lollie, Award-winning Writer/Producer/Attorney:

Consulting with Sandra begins an unending road to accomplishment. By continuing to apply the strategies and principles learned while working with her, I set goals and reach them. Just this year alone I've optioned scripts to well-established independent producers which are now in the financing/packaging stage; won a prestigious screenwriting contest and placed my scripts for consideration at the top levels in the industry. I am now taking another great leap and producing a feature based on one of my award-winning screenplays. A relationship with Sandra never ends. She's always there to guide, listen, support and lend a helping hand. If everyone could experience such a great mentor, there would be more dreams coming true. She's simply the best!

Mary Ann Biewener, Actress:

"There are so many options for both paid and free career advice in Hollywood, it’s sometimes hard for people to sort out who’s the best. You’re tops on my list! We’ve been to your Hollywood Networking Breakfast and we trust the information you give us."

Paula Mitchell Manning, Award-winning Writer-Producer:

Read this only if you are ready to move your career to the next level. Working with Sandra Lord’s Creative Career Strategies may cause you to: create and implement a doable action plan, give you tools to develop relationships with industry decision makers and allow you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Sandra has the gift to inspire and nurture those with the need and vision to appreciate what she has to offer. I am one of those fortunate people who saw the value and benefited from her teachings. She gave me the strength to face my fears and the building blocks to restore my confidence. Let’s face it; we are in an industry that's filled with so-called consultants and stratagems ready to take your money – if you're lucky you’ll encounter one that can offer real results. By using the tools I learned as a client of Sandra, I was able to turn my television show from an idea to a completed pilot script with a well-received pilot presentation in the can. Currently, there’s a major television network considering my project. So, if you are ready to realize your dreams – then Sandra Lord’s Creative Career Strategies should be your first step to making it happen.

Tory Nelson, Director:

Among other things, "Sandra coached me in preparation for my initial meeting with a leading commercial production company. With her help I was able to demonstrate my skills and separate myself for a highly competitive directing job. Since then I've worked with this company on over a dozen projects, all based on great first meeting...I thought I needed an agent, what I actually needed was this workshop... I'm advancing faster than I ever have in my career. In fact with these strategies all working together my career has taken a 180 degree turn...”

SST, Award-winning published author & screenwriter, Los Angeles:

"I had trouble with priorities -- deciding what to do first -- and how to contact people. Among other things, Sandra assisted me with guiding my focus, expanding my network of connections, and getting top names to be featured interviews in my upcoming entertainment industry book."

Ron Cohen, Producer:

I went through the 22 goals I put together for the first class and I have achieved 13 of them, and, for the most part, all of the ones that were really important to me (some of the others were goals that have changed or are not on my list anymore). Among them are: Raised the money and produced the low budget feature comedy (still have 5 day of pickups, but got most of the film is in the can); Raised the money and shot the sci-fi short...; I am starting to be viewed in the industry as a respected Producer who fights for his team, which was one of my major goals this year; Am in the middle of Line Producing a really amazing Documentary; there are others, but wanted to let you know how much this class, the other members in it and your support has meant to me and how far along I have come (which to be honest, when I went back to look at my list I was really surprised).

Meredith Cornelius, former Director, Corporate Marketing, FINAL DRAFT, INC.

"Working with Sandra Lord is always a delight. Her energy and attitude are so positive that it permeates any crowd. The Hollywood Networking Breakfast kicked off our Scriptwriters Showcase and set the tone for the entire weekend. Sandra's presentation on "Networking & Strategizing Your Way to Success in Hollywood" put people at ease, encouraged introductions, provided educational information and was inspirational. Our attendees benefited greatly from the HNB event."

DSG, Multimedia Commercial Artist, North Hollywood

"I wanted to thank you for the presentation and information [at the recent free Creative Career Strategies seminar]. I bounced your email invitation off of a friend before I decided to attend, and she said, 'Dave you probably will be teased, with little or incomplete information, and then pitched on some product or service.' Truthfully, I was impressed, and grateful that I attended. Sandra spoke from the heart, with practical experience, and dropped many gems along the way…So I just want to say thank you for your efforts and your service."

Erin Brown, Director:

Taking Sandra's Career and Business Strategies Workshop has been one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. One year after our first class together and I am getting paid to do what I love and I am currently in preproduction on a feature film. Using strategies I learned from Sandra's workshop, I was able to raise one and a half times the budget I set up on Kickstarter for my short film. These strategies also enabled me to land one of the leading stars of a current primetime NBC hit series (whom I'd never met before) to play the female lead in my short film. I also got the runnerup on a current hit competition show on FOX to play the lead in another one of my short films. He was scheduled to be out of town but he changed his schedule to accommodate our shoot dates. The greatest thing I took away from Sandra Lord's Workshop was the realization that there is not a single person on the face of the planet out of my reach. Using Sandra's advice, I connected with and befriended one of my favorite Hollywood actresses and we now hang-out regularly. Through regular networking, I expanded my professional network by approximately 800 contacts. I made more progress in my career in one year with Sandra Lord than I had in the last three without her. In the past year I accomplished 8 of the 20 goals I wrote down last January. Several of the goals I realized were no longer relevant, and that is why I did not accomplish more. One of my goals last year was to focus, and actually the fact that I decided not to go after all 20 of those goals, was an indication that I was able to focus. The rest of the goals I am still working on this year, but I am in a much more realistic place to accomplish them because of the work I did last year. Sandra's workshop helped me focus and create the opportunities that I wanted. I'm now turning down jobs that I would have felt obliged to take in the past out of fear. I would recommend her workshop to anyone looking to move their career forward, no matter how far they have already come. This class will more than pay for itself when you take it seriously.



SANDRA LORD is the founder of Creative Career & Business Strategies
. She is a key figure in facilitating access and connections in Hollywood and is known for her ingenious strategies, networking ideas, events and opportunities. She is the founder of the popular, award-winning Hollywood Networking Breakfast®, Women Helping Women™, Hollywood Global Entertainment Network and The Great Hollywood Mixer,   among others, attracting the participation of TOP Hollywood players. She is also the organizer of the popular Los Angeles Film & TV Meetup, one of the largest and most vibrant entertainment groups on Meetup.com.

As a career strategist and networking specialist, Ms. Lord works with professionals and aspirants at various levels in the entertainment industry. She helps clients take charge of their career or business direction, make themselves valuable to the people whose attention they want to attract and position themselves for the next opportunity/milestone in their careers or business. Ms. Lord has written articles on networking and career strategy, and speaks regularly on the subject throughout the LA area, as well at her popular seminars and workshops and is currently writing a book on the subject.

As a former talent manager with an extensive background in various aspects of the entertainment industry and business, she is known for her extraordinary commitment to inspiring others to accomplish their goals. Her confidence-building tools have been described as “life-changing.” She attributes her success to careful planning, “thinking outside the box,” …and having a “keen understanding of the psyche of Hollywood.”